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Nancy Weezy Forman Photography
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I love to shoot the beauty that surrounds us.

One of my favorite subjects is the old trucks....

I discover them in the forgotten countryside.

(Sometimes they find me.)


Going off road is the first step. They are usually spotted behind 

a fence, sometimes barbed wire, in a field of weeds, rocks and mud or snow.


I am drawn in by their personalities, which inspires their names and gives them new life.


The appeal reaches across generations, as they are Artistic, Nostalgic and Automotive....   They evoke memories, some reflect on a simpler time; some appreciate the way the image captures the natural settings.


This unique art-form contrasts the past industrial design of man and the eternal beauty of nature.


The classic shapes of the multicolored rusted iron represent a

bygone era.  In their heyday, the trucks, were often integral tools in the development and servicing of early America. 


The photographs are story telling via the viewfinder, and the stories they evoke are testament to the spirit and recognition of just how short out time here is.

All images available for purchase.





Articles / Exhibits /Recognition

-Barrett Jackson Magazine Featured Artist - “Exquisite Artwork in Scottsdale 2019 ”

-America on Wheels Museum - Featured Exhibitor. Pick Up Truck Exhibit 2016

-Cowboys and Indians Magazine Featured Photographer several times

-The Detroit News “Rustography brings Relics out of fields Onto Walls“

-Horse Back Magazine “Rust & Memories Capture beauty of Grand Old Trucks“

-Chestnut Hill Local- “Finding objects of Unusual Beauty“

-Art Business News - Cover Feature - 50 Best Artists to Watch 2018

-Sports Car Market Magazine Featured Artist several issues

-Art Expo NY Magazine 2017

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